Friday, December 9, 2011


alright, kiddies! i'm back with a little teaser for my etsy re-launch! i'm hoping to have everything up and running really, really soon! AND i'll be having a little sale to celebrate!

in the two years since i got busy with other things and gave up my entrepreneurial dreams, i've forgotten how much work it is to actually own an etsy shop. i'm working full time right now (and extra christmas hours to boot) and for some reason i decided it best to add another project into my life! it just felt like the right time to me. in every spare moment i have i am either thinking about the shop or actually working on photos, and editing, and describing, and preparing listings! i want to get a big batch ready for the launch and then i will be adding things regularly from then on out! i am a woman obsessed! i am exhausted! but i am certain that it will all be worth the wait.

this time around, in addition to vintage clothing and handmade jewelry, accessories and clothing, i plan on offering some of my artwork on a regular basis as well as photos and possibly art prints [(if i can figure out those logistics!) any tips would be highly appreciated!] so keep an eye out for updates here or in the shop or if you have twitter, you can find me here too!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

into the trees

we're saying goodbye to the spectacular forests of british columbia.

we've decided that moving straight into winter in ontario would be just too painful and scary, so we're now aiming for autumn to ease ourselves into the cold. it's going to be beautiful! the leaves will be all of the fiery shades of red and orange against the crisp blue sky.
i can't wait to experience seasons again!

out west there are essentially two seasons: "rain" and "not rain". so far, this year, there hasn't been much of the latter.
boo hoo hoo.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

moving on up

okay. last whinging about the ghost of apartments past, i swear! i think that in order to move on, i have to let go of the past! now, off to finally unpack the last few boxes and start arranging the new place!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

sweet dreams are made of this

i tried to document the magic of what i felt was the most perfect bedroom that i have ever had.

i will miss you perfectly pthalo blue walls, and perfectly diminutive size- just big enough for a bed and a dresser... yet we managed to squeeze three perfectly distressed antique dressers in you anyway, and then topped them all off with little bits of ephemera and odds and sods, then crammed a mini garden onto the windowsill for good measure. i will miss you forest canopy of midsummer lights above the bed most of all, and how you gently swayed in the breeze from the open window, and how you were the perfect electric-coral contrast against the deep blue walls.

until we meet again, in a new perfect-in-a-different-way bedroom.


sorry, dudes. i went away for, like, five months and i've gone all pretentious prose on you! don't worry. i was just kidding. i'm as sarcastic as ever. no earnestness over here... well, maybe a little. i do miss my old apartment. that much is true.

but seriously, folks; these are introspective times. we were evicted from our little apartment when the new owners took over and we've moved upstairs, signed a six month lease, and are preparing for a big move! it's making it a little difficult to get motivated to unpack, but it must be done! if only to take inventory for what we really need and what we only think we need.

there are lots of loose ends to tie up in the next six months and none the least of which will be liquidating our hoardings! that means a virtual vintage yard sale! i'm going to open up that etsy shop of mine as soon as i can find my camera again... i seem to have packed it in an box that remains unopened somewhere.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

365 week NINE

i had a weird, sort of introspective week. is it possible that i am having a mid life crisis?
check out my flickr 365-2011 set for more vague references to stuff i don't care to discuss!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


one day, last week i decided it best to throw on all of the patterns. everything. head-to-toe. from top-to-bottom. patternsssssss! i blame spring. mother nature is all tarted-out in florals upon florals of all types of colours and shapes and sizes and it's making me drunk with excitement! sunshine! flowers! boys!


floral blouse: thrift store
leopard cardigan: urban planet
plaid skirt: thrift store
polka dot socks: winners
tooled leather shoes: fluevog

(please excuse my shoddy photoshop pillow-removal job... that pillow was bright red and so distracting! *note to self: next time, remove the red pillow before photographing because you don't know how to fix it afterwards!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

365 week EIGHT

i was on a roll with not caring about stuff and forgot to take a photo... first day of the week too. typical. things got easier (and saucier) as the week progressed. risky business; holding your phone above the bath tub!
you know the drill: 365-2011 set on flickr.

365 week SEVEN

oh! the drama! (just kidding) this was the week that i decided to quit the 365 project... but then i decided to start again two days later!
as always, you may view the whole set in my 365-2011 set on flickr.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

365 week SIX

remember you can view the whole set of red and green photos in my 365-2011 set on flickr.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


i just keep thinking about japan.
even subconsciously, it is always on my mind.
it's all so overwhelming and it makes my heart hurt.

this is my humble homage to japanese zakka style.

flannel shirt: thrift store
wool plaid skirt: thrift store
plaid belt: thrift store
solid grey tights: old stuff
lacy grey tights: ethel's
knee socks: they are old
miu miu wood wedges: thrift store
brooch: allyson mellberg
japanese house lantern: daiso

firstly, let us acknowledge the extreme awesomeness that is allyson mellberg. i have long been an admirer of her amazingly weird imagination. her drawings always have that sort of sweet/sort of sinister edge that i love. so when i saw that she was offering something that i could wear in her etsy shop i jumped at the opportunity! honestly, after i bought this brooch, she added a bunch of hand painted tagua nut brooches that i fell hard for too... i may treat myself to some more soon!

allyson is such a sweetheart. she and her husband are having a little bit of a hard time right now, which caused a minor (and i mean tiny, really) delay in her sending out my package, and she sent along an amazing original drawing to apologize for the wait! can you believe it? i was floored! it's so perfect! we were talking about good, old fashioned, hippie vibes and there it is all drawn up in allyson mellberg goodness.

hippie vibes are all i've got these days.
thanks allyson!

i was inspired by allyson's creature to revive some old makeup techniques that i used to use back when i was a jr. vampire. my pale complexion is the perfect blank canvas for creating a slightly sickly look. when i was a gothic teen, i'd do myself up to the nines with hot pink eyeliner and blend my lips into the rest of my face leaving only a slight smudge of burgundy lipstick where my mouth should have been. it looked horrifying... in the best possible way.

i didn't want to scare anyone in this case, so i brightened and lightened it up a bit, but the elements are all there. nude lipstick blended into pink in the middle and my eyes are naturally doing the purply eyeliner due to lack of sleep.