Friday, August 27, 2010

the classics

we walked from the mission to the castro, and got some epic sandwiches at ike's place along the way. we stumbled on a large (and growing) line up of people outside this little hole in the wall and figured there must be good food inside. no joke, people. ike's is where it's at!

just days before our arrival in san francisco, it was harvey milk day. we stopped by the old storefront of castro camera, where harvey once lived and worked. a little piece of history. it was nice to see this little set up in the window.


waiting for a bus to fisherman's wharf outside of twin peaks. such a great spot for people watching.

old timey busses remind me of taking the bus in highschool... even though this bus was a refurbished 1940s bus. i guess the ones from my youth were too, only i don't think they were being used for nostalgia's sake!

this big guy woke up, and then all the other sea lions scattered! such a commotion! it was hilarious!

old submarine outside of the musee mecanique. we didn't take the submarine tour. meh. we just really wanted to see the mechanical museum. i honestly had the best time here! the magic of these little machines is so hard to convey through a photograph, but trust it is worth a visit. a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon and five bucks worth of quarters!


tin man on a tin horse!

barbershop quartet!

this machine was amazing! by far the coolest jukebox ever! i want one for my house really, really badly!
check out the cail-o-scope! such ornate design on what is essentially a view master! they really knew how to make 'em back in the olden days.

there were a lot of what i like to refer to as "classic hobos" in these little mechanical dioramas. this one had the best cemetery-at-night mood lighting! the devil popped up from behind that tombstone! 

like a kid in a candy store... 

classic drunk!

i had to arm wrestle this guy to win custody of my son.

the clouds were doing marvelous things as the sun came out near the end of the day. a classic bay bridge scene.

classic san francisco pier!

Monday, August 23, 2010

home again home again

sorry about the disappearing act... again! shane and i took an impromptu train trip up to hinton alberta to visit shane's sister and brother in law at their mountain-top cabin in the woods!

i've still got a couple of posts worth of photos from our trip to san francisco left, so i'll finish those up before i get to posting our canadian adventure.

also, i started up a white apple design blog a few weeks ago, but then had second thoughts about the content that i was posting there, so... i've imported all of those posts to this old blog. i think they fit better over here. i'm so indecisive and impulsive sometimes! oh well. if i wasn't being a total flake... i wouldn't be me! haha!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

golden day golden gate

alice had a meeting in the morning, so we met up in the afternoon to explore golden gate park. this park is HUGE! also, it smells ridiculously good; all those towering eucalyptus trees are intoxicating. so relaxing. i wish i could just wander around this park every day... or at least once a week.

alice and i are eternally taking photos of plants. we're total plant nerds.

the biggest ferns i have ever seen! totally jurassic!

shane was totally into the grateful dead while we were in san francisco. he turned into a flower child!

we stopped for tea at the japanese tea garden. i loved it there so much!

everything was so beautiful. i wanted to have a picnic under this japanese maple so badly! it reminded me of being a kid and having tea parties under my grandma's plum tree in the summer.

this water was ridiculous! it was so green it made me giddy! i just couldn't get over how surreal and beautiful it was. i would also come here everyday if i could. too amazing!

we walked for so long to find the buffalo paddock, and when we got there we couldn't see anything but a brownish blur hiding in the bushes! shane climbed a fence to get some photos for us. they were all total sasquatch-sighting style photos: all blurry and zoomed in beyond all recognition. oh well.

we checked out the dutch windmill and then went down to the beach. the sun in california is so intensely bright! even though it was kind of chilly with the wind, you could still feel the sun through it all.

surf's up!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

rainy days and mondays

we woke up to pouring rain and cold, so we decide we best have a good old fashioned greasy breakfast before alice headed off to volunteer at creativity explored, and shane and i headed downtown.

chinatown: home of overwhelming choice of beads. i couldn't decide what to get and ended up leaving with nothing! i'll be back for you my pretties!

from chinatown, we wandered up past the italian neighborhood and had coffees and pastries.

a homeless man told us that marilyn monroe married frank sinatra here. he was misinformed. that never happened.

bottle brush tree!

we walked up to coit tower to check out the views. which were less than stellar because of all the low lying clouds... but still pretty, none the less.

lombard street! the steepest, curvy-est street in america. we watched the cars for a while, it was starting to get dark and the lights were twinkling on the hill.


so much walking! we were gone all day and it was so cold! eventually the sun set; we wandered back home to mission and got tacos at twice on the way home.