Friday, December 3, 2010

somebody told me

vest: thrift store
vera feather blouse: etsy
leather cord as a bow tie: leather crafts store
jeans: cheap monday
bass oxfords: etsy

i accidentally dressed like brandon flowers today. kind of. maybe i'm the only one who sees it... i almost thought about changing. almost. let me break it down for you. it's like i combined two of his characters: the colonel sanders and the captain of the ss pheasant feathers. see? totes obvious, right?

when the killers weren't as famous as they are today, i went to a meagerly attended show where nobody cared about brandon flowers and his jewel encrusted keyboard, or that weird guy with the puffy hair that wears too much eyeliner. they tried to get the audience to like them... but it seemed that noone did. i ended up at the "official killers after party!" later that night and it was so funny because it was also meagerly attended, and although there were plenty of hot girls there, most of them were lesbians. the poor killers were just moping in a corner waiting for the straight girls to hit on them. sad times. eventually one of them (the weird guy with the puffy hair) was beckoned with a "hey, killer!" from one of the straight girls in attendance and all the killers, lead by puffy-hair, floated over to her. the killers got their girls after all!

Friday, November 26, 2010

the deer hunter

yesterday's winter wonderland is all but a memory. it's positively pleasant out today, and all the snow has melted into little slushy puddles. while yesterday i needed to take cover with a big coat, hat, scarf and mittens; today i just added a scarf and an extra cardigan underneath and that was enough. oh, west coast winters... you baffle me, so.

welsh woven wool cape: thrift store
gingham shirt: urban outfitters
wool sweater: thrift store
40s novelty tie: thrift store
jeans: cheap monday (permanently adopted from shane)
doc martin oxfords: etsy

this tie is so perfectly cheezy! i found it years ago when we visited shane's parents in wetaskiwin alberta. that little thrift store (it might have been the only one... or at least the only one open that day) was like a crazy time capsule! there were a lot of treasures unearthed that day by everyone in the family! i love that shane's family are really avid supporters of thrift shopping. my family hates it!

i have two of these welsh capes (in different colours and styles of course) and i've only managed to wear them a whopping total of three times combined in all the years i've owned them. i should probably send them back out into circulation, but i just can't bring myself to part with them! the fabric is so divine! so textural! so vivid! i actually almost added another to my collection a few months ago (it was a coat actually, and it was too big for me) the only thing that kept me from buying it is that it was pink. if it were any other colour i would have bought it and fixed it up... i still think about that coat. i don't know if i made the right decision leaving it behind. that is how powerful this fabric is!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

the queen mum

we accidentally left our bedroom radiator on full blast with the door shut in the hours between dinner and bedtime last night, so when we opened the door to retire for the night a blast of hot air hit us in the face. we turned off the radiator and opened the window wide to let the snow fly in instead! after a few minutes it was positively chilly and ready for a good night's sleep under three fluffy layers of blanketing. it felt like camping... or like sleeping in a drafty old castle; a country castle, where layers of wool are necessary. i awoke with a fresh perspective and a fresh layer of snow covering my window ledge.

gingham shirt: urban outfitters (i made shane buy me one after i saw his)
leather lacing used as bow tie: leather crafts store
knit vest: thrift store (many, many moons ago)
houndstooth skirt: thrift store
wool sweater: thrift store (i use a kilt pin to keep it done up)
wool tights: calze scanzi
tweed wellingtons: joe

i took a walk around the neighborhood in the snow and was really getting that christmassy feeling! i came home convinced that i was ready to put up my tree... in november?!!! but i was saved by a very, very long phone call with my mum and sister. it's too early for christmas trees! but snowy trees are right on time!

Friday, November 19, 2010

wool and water and beautiful surprises

the other day i opened my mailbox to a sweet little envelope with familiar looking pair of ghosties stamped in the return address. a happy surprise from one of my most favourite artists, amy earles! amy is so generous with her artwork (this is not the first time i've received a surprise package from her) and i am so grateful to be on her list of recipients!

not one, but two gorgeous paper dolls, a mini print, a postcard and a hand written note complete with a wee pencil drawing in the corner. a humble thank you note turned into a work of art!

i've been collecting amy's work for years, and have her dolls and prints scattered throughout my home. i have a few dolls that i have yet to put together, but that's okay by me because it is such a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon and we get plenty of those out here on the west coast! i've got my winter activities planned!

a while ago, i purchased the wool and water/mon petit fantome paper doll set called voices in the woods, and earlier in the week, i found this little cauldron at daiso that just suits them perfectly! i have plans of sewing fabric versions of their little paper hats next, and then constructing some sort of diorama to house them in, using one (or more - i'm getting crafty!) of chad's prints used as a background!

i highly recommend you check out amy's etsy shop right now because she's having a sale!

take advantage of this package deal and collect as many as you can! amy's work is exquisite and never fails to impress.

i think i just talked myself into collecting some more!

kinda cozy

for some reason, when the temperatures drop i get the overwhelming urge to wear shorts. i'm rarely seen in them in the summer, you know, when its actually warm out. i've got all the elements for a cozy outfit here... if only i were wearing pants! i wore this outside to walk one and a half blocks to the store and froze my bum off! it snowed last night for crying out loud! why i thought shorts were a good idea is a mystery to even myself.

fair isle wool vest: etsy (ll bean)
plaid shirt: thrift store
wool business sweater/blazer: thrift store
shorts: urban planet
striped tights: bleu foret
tweed wellingtons: joe
peacock/tartan fascinator: made by me

this cardigan has some really great trompe l'oeil detailing. is it a suit jacket or is it a sweater? it's a business sweater/blazer! comfy enough for feeling cozy all day, yet smart enough for the office! i love sweaters and blazers together, but for lazing around the house, i've got to say that this sweater/blazer really did serve me well. you want to have comfort when you're puttering around doing nothing!

it's great to have a day off with nothing on the old agenda every once in a while.

this outfit is dedicated to mon petit fantome. fair isle twins unite!

Monday, November 15, 2010

lady lumberjack

so, in my day to day work life i have found myself dressing in the style i like to refer to as "hipster lumberjack". you know, paul bunyan style: cheap mondays, a plaid shirt, leather shoes a nice wooly combination of chunky cardigan and scarf... if i'm really lucky, i get to add a tuque to the equation! i look the same nearly every day and sometimes i find it hard to break out of the cycle. like today for example: i wore these shoes, this shirt and cardigan to work yesterday, but in a completely different context. lumberjack styles for work, lady lumberjack styles for play.

skirt: thrift store (years ago)
cardigan: thrift store
plaid shirt: urban planet
leather belt: thrift store
wool tights: calze scanzi
bass oxfords: etsy
moose brooch: i got it at fireweed in thunder bay last christmas (its made by a local artisan)

i wish i could remember the name of the artist that made this brooch! i did an online search for the artist's name when i purchased this, but came up empty. i own several pieces from them though, and i love them all!

this outfit kept me cozy whilst out on a wild goose chase for some highly illusive japanese cookies today. i was feeling the zakka and fell victim to many cute items at the japanese two dollar store... but the cookies i wanted were never found.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

witchy woman

as i was getting dressed this morning, i was singing "wa-wa witchae woman" in my head; and now that eagles song is stuck in my head. great.

cotton dress: thriftstore
long sleeved t-shirt: american apparel
pixie tights: hansel from basel
granny boots: thriftstore
harness: norwegian wood
victorian mourning brooch: ebay

this is essentially the same outfit as my last post, only the colours are changed and i'm channeling a whole other era. this is total old west victorian mourning garb. i finally watched there will be blood in its entirety. i had attempted to watch it several times before, but sometimes i'm just not in the mood for paul thomas anderson; his movies tend to elicit a little too much emotional investment on the part of the viewer so you must prepare yourself before diving in. i've got to say though, there will be blood had one of the most satisfying endings i have ever seen... maybe even in cinematic history!

watching that movie was a revelation. i feel like there will be blood has influenced the world more than i could have realised (having not watched it until now). pioneer style is on the rise again! does anyone remember 1988? young guns anyone? bon jovi? wanted dead or alive? ha ha! i'm old. i digress. it seems we're being influenced by dusty leather and shabby, rumpled cottons and wool once again, and i'm okay with that. i like all those things. this time around, things are a little more refined, with less emphasis on cowboy-rock!

this brooch is so perfectly aged. a little dinged and tarnished.

i just love the hardware on this thing! angie of norwegian wood makes the best accessories! i wish i would have snapped up a navy honeycomb harness when i had the chance because i think she's retired that style now, but her new stuff is just as fantastic! i've got my eye on more than one item in her shop.

the zig-zag is so cartoon perfect! i would have bought these hansel from basel tights in every colour-way if they weren't already sold out of the green/charcoal ones. i think this version is the ultimate, though; the contrast is just strong enough to really pop but they still look classy.

how witchy woman ties in with homesteader style, i'll never know.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

hello nurse!

shane had surgery on monday and i've been playing nurse to him since. he's in a lot of pain and has been so sleep deprived for the last few days that he's been getting quite irrationally irritated at things. case in point; last night i was wearing a "kickin' it at home" outfit consisting of a quite fetching combination of shorts with tights, a t-shirt and cardigan (not at all offensive in any way - i was kickin' it at home) and shane was not having it! he couldn't even look at me! it was hilarious (which was also unfortunate because it hurts shane to laugh), poor kid! he told me that he really wanted me to wear a dress today, so i obliged. he did say that i was the only pretty thing he had to look at since he was trapped at home. how could i say no?

shaner looks like his face was in a war, so i ran with the war-wife inspiration.

polka dot dress: thrift store - h&m
sweater: thrift store - ralph lauren
purple slip: thrift store (i've got to hem it shorter!)
pixie tights: hansel from basel (i copied anja)
oxfords: etsy - bass (i recently had them resoled because i wore right through!)
leather belt: thrift store
hair bow: tie belt that came with the dress
bee brooch: gift with an etsy purchase

hellooo nurse! i love that the dress came with the perfect hair accessory.

this bee brooch was tucked into a package that i got from an etsy seller as a free gift with purchase. it was really shiny and new looking when i got it; not something that i would ever purchase myself, but i didn't want to let it go to waste, so i set it on fire! it blackened the enamel and dulled the metal just enough, and now its something that i actually would wear. it was the perfect little addition to this dress, whose buttons unfortunately end at a scandalously low point. i like my buttons to go aaalllll the way up! i'm going to have to add about a half dozen more buttons to make this dress perfectly prim and proper.

can we take a moment to appreciate this nail polish? its opi jade is the new black and it is the perfect shade of divine decadence! surprisingly wearable. very, very deco green. i feel like it goes with everything... even though it probably doesn't.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

buena vista

buena vista park! what a lovely little fairy-tale-forest-island! smack dab in the middle of the city; just a little uphill walk from haight and ashbury. i was so in love with this little park. there were amazing trees and wild fennel and i'm sure there must have been some parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme in there somewhere...

a lovely little oasis in the city and a nice escape from the intense sunshine! we had pretty unpredictable weather while we were in san francisco, but coming from vancouver, we were prepared: four seasons in one day! it was rainy and overcast most of the time, but when the sun came out it was insane! white hot intensity! hello california! !!!

i didn't take many photos this day, we just wandered around and did a bit of shopping (i left empty handed) and basically just bummed around all day. i mean, we were in california, right? we thought we'd just chill for a bit. that night we watched the epic james spader film; tuff turf! shane didn't like it at allllll! alice and i swooned over james spader and the general awesomeness that is tuff turf. it's not a good movie per se, but it is AMAZING. just watch it and you will understand.

Friday, August 27, 2010

the classics

we walked from the mission to the castro, and got some epic sandwiches at ike's place along the way. we stumbled on a large (and growing) line up of people outside this little hole in the wall and figured there must be good food inside. no joke, people. ike's is where it's at!

just days before our arrival in san francisco, it was harvey milk day. we stopped by the old storefront of castro camera, where harvey once lived and worked. a little piece of history. it was nice to see this little set up in the window.


waiting for a bus to fisherman's wharf outside of twin peaks. such a great spot for people watching.

old timey busses remind me of taking the bus in highschool... even though this bus was a refurbished 1940s bus. i guess the ones from my youth were too, only i don't think they were being used for nostalgia's sake!

this big guy woke up, and then all the other sea lions scattered! such a commotion! it was hilarious!

old submarine outside of the musee mecanique. we didn't take the submarine tour. meh. we just really wanted to see the mechanical museum. i honestly had the best time here! the magic of these little machines is so hard to convey through a photograph, but trust it is worth a visit. a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon and five bucks worth of quarters!


tin man on a tin horse!

barbershop quartet!

this machine was amazing! by far the coolest jukebox ever! i want one for my house really, really badly!
check out the cail-o-scope! such ornate design on what is essentially a view master! they really knew how to make 'em back in the olden days.

there were a lot of what i like to refer to as "classic hobos" in these little mechanical dioramas. this one had the best cemetery-at-night mood lighting! the devil popped up from behind that tombstone! 

like a kid in a candy store... 

classic drunk!

i had to arm wrestle this guy to win custody of my son.

the clouds were doing marvelous things as the sun came out near the end of the day. a classic bay bridge scene.

classic san francisco pier!

Monday, August 23, 2010

home again home again

sorry about the disappearing act... again! shane and i took an impromptu train trip up to hinton alberta to visit shane's sister and brother in law at their mountain-top cabin in the woods!

i've still got a couple of posts worth of photos from our trip to san francisco left, so i'll finish those up before i get to posting our canadian adventure.

also, i started up a white apple design blog a few weeks ago, but then had second thoughts about the content that i was posting there, so... i've imported all of those posts to this old blog. i think they fit better over here. i'm so indecisive and impulsive sometimes! oh well. if i wasn't being a total flake... i wouldn't be me! haha!