Sunday, July 26, 2009

shuffleboard anyone

In September, Shane's mum is taking us on a cruise... to nowhere. Yeah. That's right. Nowhere. It's a comedy cruise too.

Anyhow, we were planning on wearing Hawaiian costumes the whole time, you know, to be ironic (we're not leaving the coast people). I photographed this dress a while ago thinking that I was going to sell it, but I decided to keep it for the cruise, but now I'm changing my mind again! I'm not a huge fan of white, so I thought I'd pass this little number on to you guys while there's still sun in the sky and beach barbecues to be had! It's so perfect for summer parties! It's in my etsy shop right now!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

soft shoe

I guess I've fallen victim to all that 1930s tap dance chorus imagery that's floating around the internets these days, because all I could think of was that I needed to do a little soft shoe routine set to some swingin' variation of tea for two in this little get-up. I think it was the ribbon necktie that threw me over the deep end into tap territory. It just added that little bit of nautical jazz to a dress that usually looks far more ballet than anything. I can't help but feel like Degas' Little Dancer Aged Fourteen when I'm wearing this soft and drapey peach thing. I was once serenaded with a drunken frat-boy rendition of tiny dancer when I was out in this outfit. Classic!

Yesterday I came across these heart shaped sunglasses for cheap, so I bought two pairs to relive my youth! I had a red pair when I was ten that were my pride and joy... until I lost them. Now I can be as stylish as I was at ten years old! All I need now is a pair of roller skates!

dress: industry (I added a navy satin ribbon)
linen shorts: bedo
lacy socks: I've had them since the 1990s (I think they're either DKNY or CK)
shoes: thrifted
heart shaped glasses: urban planet
original intent earings #81: sulu designs on etsy

(these are both Susan's photos)
I don't think I've ever raved about Susan's Original Intent series here before (but she knows how much I love her creations). I just think that it is the most brilliant idea ever! Susan takes gorgeous photos of ordinary things and turns them into the most extraordinary earrings! All earrings in the Original Intent series are based on a photograph of some colour combination or texture that has inspired her. I wish she included a copy of the photograph that inspired the earrings! I've been trying to convince her, but she remains skeptical! It's art! Of course people would appreciate seeing what inspired their new jewels. I think that in the context of art the photograph elevates an already gorgeous pair of earrings to a whole other level! She has a few Original Intent earrings in her shop right now, amongst some other beauties! Susan has such a talent for beautiful, modern jewelry and I am constantly talking myself out of buying her entire stock!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

skirting the issue

After what seems like an eternity, I am finally starting to update my etsy shop again! I spent all afternoon photographing and listing, and the three skirts pictured above are now available for sale right here! I was going to list the skirt and top pictured below, but when I saw how gosh-darn cute I looked in the photos, I decided that I couldn't part with it just yet! tee hee!

Monday, July 20, 2009

en pointe

I'm a part-time lady and a part-time tomboy. On my work days I'm in grubby jeans and some sort of top that I don't care about getting dirty, but is still somehow work-appropriate for retail. The glamourous life of a cleaning lady... er, um... I mean, retail merchandiser. Well, whatever you want to call it; stacking housewares is a dirty job!

On my days off, you can often find me dressed up in some girly costume or some nerdtastic ensemble. Today I decided to merge the tomboy with the lady, and this is what I came up with.

ballerina print skirt: anna sui
men's suit vest: thrifted and altered
kids' undershirt: thrifted
40s hat with bow: etsy
cutout oxfords: made by elves

Saturday, July 18, 2009

on the boardwalk

I am completely afraid of the sun! I do my best to avoid it at all costs. I have a few awesome sunbrellas that I picked up in Chinatown, and this little paper number is one of them. Shane found his long lost sunglasses collection the other day and these little blue tinted cat eye frames are one of the pairs! So cute! I wish I knew Shane when we were younger. He was even cuter as a skinny little indie rocker teen!

dress: thrifted
mini boater: etsy
sandals: ebay
sunglasses: stolen from Shane!
paper parasol: chinatown

Friday, July 17, 2009

vanilla ice cream

I've been away from the wardrobe remix pool for months now! For some reason, today of all days (the hottest of days, when I'm wearing what could be classified as pajamas by some), I felt inspired to take some outfit photos and post them on the internets. Go figure!

Thank god for SPF 60! It protects my milky-white complexion as I scurry about on the shady side of the street running errands and treating myself to some pralines and caramel-toffee swirl ice cream (because it matched my outfit best, of course). Where does the skin end and the fabric begin? It's a subtle difference in texture... the colour is the same!

ivory cotton camisole: I've had it since the 1990s! it's a summer staple
chambray shorts with weird scratchy metallic thread in the weave: thrifted
polka dot socks: the bay
amazing oxfords: etsy
pocket watch necklace: triggerhappy on etsy REMIXED

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

snip snip

I got mah hurr did!

Two weeks ago I went in to see Eric with a few ideas about how I either wanted to bleach my hair to look like my fake kid sister, or cut it into something that hinted at the 90s with a bit of an undercut (Eric and I had matching undercuts in high school- how cute!) but I wanted to keep one side really full and long so I could still join the circus. There was some trepidation about whether or not the bleach would make my hair orange, so we went for the cut and foils instead. It went white-blonde, but we had also put black foils in some spots so my plans of being a suicide blonde were in fact... foiled! At the half way mark we discussed layering the long side and before I could argue: chop, chop, off it came.

(bad photobooth photos with mess cropped out: taken the day of the haircut)

Eric is a master of the razor cut, but I wasn't exactly thrilled with how it turned out because I was wanting to keep it full and long so I could still play around with girly pin curls and stuff. The layers sort of hinder that kind of thing. I tried doing pin curls and I looked like I had a porcupine stuck to the side of my head. Srsly. Not pretty.

So after a few days I hacked another three inches or so off the long side. It was still an awkward length for me, but I lived with it for a few more days...

(bad photobooth photos with mess cropped out: taken mere moments ago)

This morning, I cut some more length off, and it looks so much better. It was kind of difficult cutting the back, but I'm PRO, so, it turned out pretty alright, if I do say so myself. I imagine I'll probably keep cutting it shorter and shorter until I have a pixie cut just in time for fall. I may get Eric to help me out with that one though... I'm not sure I'm that pro.

Friday, July 3, 2009

classic dames

I was up late last night browsing the internets and I came across the future classics fall/winter line. I'm loving the military WWII thing that they have going on for fall. Drab tweeds and big structured shoulders. Lots of buttons and brass hardware. Draped silk dresses that invoke an image of a billowing parachute. All masculine and feminine all at the same time. Even the hair is a ladies' version of a pompadour.

The button detail on these pants is killing me! So many buttons!

As much as I am loving this collection, I am wary of the fact that there is A LOT of WWII stuff going on in pop culture recently. I find it worrisome. Should I be gearing up for WWIII?