Friday, February 27, 2009

the greatest show on earth

That is if you call sleepwalking through household chores "the greatest show on earth"... yeah. I didn't think so.

I couldn't sleep a wink last night. I'm not really sure what it was. I couldn't shut my brain off, but I was so tired! So I kind of half slept from around 8:30 until 11:00 this morning. I finally decided to get dressed at 2:30! I used to do that kind of thing when I was a kid, but I haven't lazed around like this for years! I'm having a half-casual day. I'm obsessed with all of my new acoutrements! The tights the shoes, the rabbit brooch, the hat that I picked up at the post office after work on Wednesday! It's kind of a ringmaster hat, so I mean, what else was I going to wear it with? Honestly, I didn't wear the hat to scrub the bathtub, but I had to show it off!

Pretty velvety cashmere felt! From Dewberry Vintage on etsy.

My new favourite shoes (for now) from the Camper twins line. Each shoe is different, yet complimentary. One of the girls that I work with said they were ugly. I decided that she was insane.

red tee: urban planet
striped tank: the gap circa 2002
sheer cardigan: thrifted
shorts: thrifted
tights: e.g. smith
oxfords: camper
creepy bunny brooch: etsy
derby: etsy

oh what a tangled web we weave

All right, so technically, we're not talking webs or weaves here, but we are talking tapestry freaking granny boots!!! Even the heel is tapestry, people! These are special!

These glorious boots were featured in The Storque's "news from the blogosphere" article today. The only reason I'm telling you about them is because they are too big for my teensy tiny feet. My loss is your gain! Someone buy these beauties right NOWat planet claire vintage on Etsy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the good ship lollypop

Remember how I was all depressed last week and shopping up a storm? Well, my internet bounty is starting to arrive! My order from sockdreams arrived yesterday, so naturally, today's outfit is built around my new tights!

A couple of weeks ago, Emily posted this "grown up Madeline" outfit and I became obsessed with the tights that she was wearing. So I ordered me some, and here they are in all of their curry goodness (although they are called camel, I wouldn't say that's an accurate description of the colour). I also ordered some sock garters, which I am debating returning. They were supposed to have brass hardware, but the ones they sent were just plain old silver metal. I kind of feel ripped off, but I have wanted sock garters since high school... maybe I can get over it? I'll have to think about this.

So after getting dressed, and adding the silk bow, I kind of thought I had gone overboard (har har har) with the cutesy/ creepy Shirley Templesque Sailor references, but it also really works. I figure I've only got a few more years (months?) left of dressing like this before I'm stumbling into Baby Jane territory... or do I? Am I already there?

tights: e.g. smith via sockdreams
skirt: thrifted
sweater: ralph lauren yacht club, thrifted
stripy shirt: urban planet, dyed by me
oxfords: camper
silk bow tie: made by me

Monday, February 23, 2009

2 become 1

I did a little work on my indoor garden today. I think that the big terra cotta pot that I got to repot my two shamrocks into influenced my fashion. I figured I should be one with the plant life and dress all in shamrock colours! I repotted two other plants too. Either my thumb is getting greener or I'm just choosing more resilient plants. One of these shamrocks has been around for two years and the other is from last St. Patrick's Day. Way to go little guys!

See? Totally camouflaged!

I wanted to evoke a hoity toity 4H sort of vibe with my vintage Yves Saint Laurent scarf and creepy glass and gold bunny head brooch. I've been waiting for some real Girl Scout pins to arrive in the mail, but they are taking forever!!! The bunny head did the trick in a pinch... maybe even better than the real thing!

heart pointelle knit sweater: urban sweatshop (urban planet)
tweed skirt: thrifted
tights: bleu foret
oxfords: chie mihara
scarf: yves saint laurent; thrifted
creepy bunny brooch: etsy

Saturday, February 21, 2009

you asked for it

Alright, so, maybe about a week ago the lovely Ambika tagged me to show where I blog. I'm cheating and showing you just the desk because I'm currently too depressed to clean up (yeah, that's it)... So there it is.

My lovely old desk, my shiny white computer, my hacked mystic wall clock, the top of my fake Eames shell chair, a prayer plant emerging from the dark, a stack of clothing that may or may not make it into the shop, a stack of paper, a hair ribbon, a giant box of "student quality" pencil crayons (I bought these when I was in uni because I was too cheap to shell out the $100+ price tag for the professional ones. I regret that decision. These are too waxy.), and a drawing that I was working on last night in the dark... almost. I was working on it by light of a single amber glass lamp from my collection of 17 that reside in this room. Here they are, Susan, in all their tacky glory!

Now you see why I hesitated to add another to my collection yesterday; these things take up A LOT of space! I can't even close my closet due to an ill placed orb. There's a couple not pictured because they are in the messy portion of the studio! Photos of them will have to wait until another happier day, when I get around to tidying up!

One of the disadvantages of working by the amber glow of these lamps is the inability to discern colour! It's virtually impossible to differentiate grey from blue, purple from brown, pink from orange, and so on, and so forth. I had no idea what colours I was using on my drawing last night. In the morning light I found pinks and purples where I assumed oranges and browns to be. It was strange. I would never have chosen purple (I think it's for wizards and unicorns), but it kind of works here.

I am a terribly lazy artist. I rarely draw anymore, and I find it so incredibly frustrating that it makes me never want to pick up a pen or pencil again... and paints? Forget about it! I used to be so good at colour mixing it was insane! I could duplicate any colour with ease, but now I don't even know where to start. It's funny how one forgets. As you can see I ended up scratching out the bottom half of this drawing in a fit of rage, but it's all part of the process. I've decided that I must, MUST get back into the habit of drawing and painting. Yes, friends, I'm putting my ego aside and hanging up that case of "masterpiece-itis" that I developed way back when because it inhibits my ability to finish ANYTHING!

Friday, February 20, 2009

conversations with ceramic birds

I did something really dumb today. I can't get it out of my head, and it's driving me insane! So insane, that I'm seeking the advice of inanimate objects.

I've been feeling like a bit of a glutton lately. Every little thing that I could ever possibly want is crossing my path! It's ridiculous, really. Either I'm just not as discerning as I used to be, or the shopping gods have been smiling on me. I've found so many great things to buy (including this blouse and skirt) and I've bought them all... until today. I found another glass hanging lamp for my ever growing collection, but after counting them this morning and realising that I had 17 lamps in one room alone (!), I thought it best to leave it in the store. It was really grungy and was missing some parts, so it would need some work (as if that's a problem for me), plus I'd have to carry it straight home instead of continuing on my journey as planned. So I left and walked on, did all the things I needed to do, and when I arrived back home I realised that there was something missing. The lamp! I needed it after all.

I had a few things to do at home before I could run back and bring my precious home. I hurried it along and back I went! When I got to the store it was GONE! I even asked the guy that works there where he put it. He just wanted to go home. He had no time for me and my indecision. He didn't even humor me with an answer. If only I had been quicker.

I fear this may have cursed the shopping roll that I've been on. What if I never find anything good again? Who will keep the economy alive?

electric lime crepe chiffon blouse: thrifted
sheer cardigan: thrifted
wool skirt: thrifted
tights: the bay
nurse shoes: thrifted
faux morning beads: h&m
ceramic partridge: thrifted

my inner snow white is squealing with delight

These, my friends, are LAMPS!!!!

They're made by Heico, Germany and are available here and here from rose and radish.

I couldn't find a website for Heico... but I did find this importers website! It shows a whole bunch of other designs including a kitten with a ball of yarn!!! OMG, Anabela!!!! I'm going to send this to my manager and see if we can convince the owner that he needs to sell these lamps in the store! (I don't think it will work... but a girl can dream)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

back in business

Just a quick note to tell everyone that I'm doing much better, and today marks the first day since last Wednesday that I am wearing something that does not directly resemble pajamas! Hooray! I know that all your positive vibes have healed me! So, I am now able to do all those fun chores that Shane left for me before he left for the interior. Great.

I have reopened the etsy shop, and hope to have some of the recently (and not so recently) sold items restocked by tomorrow... as soon as I tackle that pile of dishes.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I just wanted to thank everyone for sending those positive vibes my way. I still get all vechlempt when I think about grandma, who's husband (and best friend) of nearly 70 years is no longer here to dance or joke around with, but I know that she's got the support of her nine children and their families... so she'll be okay. And I'm feeling much better today! I still have a bit of a fever... but I don't feel like the room is spinning anymore, and instead of feeling like there's a semi truck parked on top of me; I just feel like I've been in a hit and run! Hooray! The worst is over. It's only uphill from here!

Which leads us to what we all expect from my blog (enough of this emotion already): internets shopping to make us forget our woes! Otherwise known as, retail therapy!

This is what I bought:

It's "The Black Curtain Brooch" from Etsy seller ATHD. I love just about everything in their shop, but this was the only thing I could afford. Lucky for me it is so perfect and gorgeous! A perfect mix of modern and antiquity. And it's black and brass... we all know I loves me some black and brass!

Here's a couple of their other covetable pieces:

If I were a rockstar and had the cash, I would totally risk the splinters and possible tetanus that the 310 to Yuma (did anyone see the remake of this movie with Russel Crowe and Christian Bale? if you didn't: avoid it) necklace might inflict. It's so amazing! If there's one thing I love as much as black and brass; it's old wood and patina!

And then there's THIS! Which looks like the entire contents of grandma's jewelry box arranged ever so precisely in one piece! Just beautiful!

And THIS! Oh my! Enamel loveliness!

This last piece is my favourite (I think). It's hard to choose a favourite from all this gorgeousness, but I do love enamel chain and that maze of brass connector rings is just so gorgeous!

Friday, February 13, 2009

dark days

Hi guys. I'm down for the count with the flu at the moment. I've been battling a fever for three days and I'm feeling quite crap. I can't focus on anything for longer than a few minutes at a time without feeling dizzy, and I've probably drank my weight in orange juice. I won't fill you in on the rest of the gory details. Trust me, you don't want to know.

My grandpa died on the weekend and I am supposed to be visiting with family right now, but I am quarantined in my apartment all alone. Shane's playing a gig in Kamloops this weekend, so I'm occupying myself with Apatow comedies and puzzle bobble. I know, it's like I've turned into a twelve year old boy! Whatever. It's comforting.

I also want to say thank you to Anabela for cheering me up today when she called me a "comedic genius" (her words, not mine) on her blog. Thank you darling! You ain't too shabby yourself!