Friday, December 11, 2009

mercury lounge

During my lurkings a few weeks back, I came across this photo of a bathroom in Apartamento magazine on Neon Relish's tumblr and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since! I'm obsessed! I don't think I've ever been as drawn to a room image as much as I have with this one. It just speaks to me.

For some reason, I'm literally jazzing up every room in my house. If it has some sort of vague nod to the jazz age and it sparkles, then I want it! Maybe it's because its nearly Christmas and there is a vast array of mercury glass available.

Yeah. That's probably it, actually. See?

I bought these little guys in hearts for the bathroom and stars for the bedroom. I think they'll make sweet little clusters hung from silky ribbons.

I went on a mad internet search for beaded curtains and found the mother load! I've had the same grass print shower curtain for seven years. I still love it, but I'm thinking of replacing it with a frosted liner and a beaded curtain!

I dug out my old medicine cabinets to use for displaying plants and candles. Remember when hospital-chic was de rigueur? I want to bring it back, but with more of a dirty/creepy victorian vibe.

I'm going to add even more plants to the collection. I'd love to instal some narrow glass shelves in the window to house a wee conservatory of plant specimens, but I'm not sure that'd be kosher with the building manager, so I'll just have to make due with these little medical crosses for now. I'm going to start buying up every old, dirty bit of mirror and mercury glass thingamabob that I can find to fill out the space.

Just what I need. Another collection!

ps- thanks for being super sweet and encouraging guys.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

rebel yell

Ummmm, hey guys!
So, remember way back to my last post? When was that? Like a year ago? No. Not quite, but it was a loooong time ago.
Anyway, I had set myself up with some guidelines and "loose rules" for posting, in hopes that I would actually start blogging more!

Right guys?

I think I must be in the adolescence of my blogging-life, because as soon as I set those rules for myself I ended up avoiding the blog with every fiber of my being! I've still been lurking on the internets, and have been lapping up every awesome little tidbit of info and goodness out there, but I've been sorely neglecting my own little corner of the web.

I'll try and be around here more. okay? okay.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

oh great

I attract weirdos. Sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes a strange man follows you home and tells you that you're wasting your life, and that you pretty much suck at life.


Thanks strange man, that somehow has the ability to suss out my entire existence over the duration of a measly ten minute walk, I needed that.

Well, it's not exactly puking marshmallow hearts... but it is nice:
zubrowka vodka


Friday, November 13, 2009

love lost and fleeting

I'll be your mirror embroidery by Amelia aka double-speak, who also has an amazing style blog called vintage vivant

pretty pretty pom poms from Kathryn Blackmore, who is building up stock for her Monday debut on Etsy!
(found via ringo have a banana)

Francesca's closet!

the perfect little brown dress from Kennedy Holmes' Etsy shop. I missed out on this dress, but this gorgeous photography will remain on my desktop forever! Isn't this the most perfect photo?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

mein herr

natural inclination

I'm planning an art supply trip to Ikea soon, so I thought I'd check to see if a few other things I need are in stock at the nearest location. Then I got to browsing what's new, and the rest is... well, a blog post!

ikea ps hand embroidered wall hanging pelle

ikea ps shelving unit nybygge

ikea ps coffee table bruse

ikea ps cabinet of drawers sinka

ikea ps pendant lamp vava

ikea ps dining chair spika

I love this year's additions to the Ikea PS line! I have the PS eden dining table, and the ekekull stool from a few years back, and I'd love to add these to my collection. I love that mix of organic, raw wood and modern-classic design. Now, if only I had the room...

Let's take a moment to revel in the awesomeness that is the annamoa fabric collection!

All of these prints are so amazing! They look like story book illustrations, in all the best colours! I can't wait to see them in the store. I find that sometimes the ikea fabrics are a bit too overscale for my liking, so I'm interested to see how these translate in real life. I hope that they're juuuuust right.

Monday, November 9, 2009

who is the fairest of them all

This inspiration runs deep. I've been a Snow White girl all of my life. I used to dress myself up in my mum's old navy and white floral peasant maxi dress and tie my little mop of hair up with a red ribbon just to frolic in the clover. I've even gone as far as to sing to birds in an attempt to lure them to perch on my finger! Ah, youth! Such innocence.

Snow White meets the woodsman by:George Soper 1915

However, this tale is not as innocent as Disney would make it seem. The original Grimms tale includes murder, torture and even a little cannibalism thrown in for good measure! A good old-fashioned retelling of a host of horrifying medieval tales all mashed into one. It's that dark edge that makes interpreting Snow White's style so appealing to me.

She was a peasant and a princess. All the animals loved her. She was the fairest in all the land. I must admit, that when I think of Snow White I always envision the Disney colour palate of all the primaries: red and blue and yellow. I've put together a few Snow White inspired costumes using etsy vintage, because who doesn't want to look like Snow White every once in a while?

velvet dress available from cositasseriasvintage

fox fur collar available from zaama

glass apple brooch available from waalaa

suede lace up boots available from glamtownvintage

Snow White hiding in the forest by: Franz Juttner 1905

celluloid hair comb available from gottawannitvintage

navy dress with suede accents available from nanapatproject

brown bunny shawl available from primitivepincushion

medieval stick pin available from quiterightslick

red suede gogo boots available from myfavoritevintage

Snow White is comforted by the forest creatures by: Walt Disney Studios 1937

red polkadot dirndl available from madvintage

yellow smocked blouse available from theninestories

60s uniform coat available from rococovintage

zigzag boots available from jamesrowlandshop

apple ornaments available from loliecraft

Beware of poisoned apples, everyone!

eight days a week

Monday's Child by Ray Caesar

Monday's child is fair of face
Tuesday's child is full of grace
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day
Is bonny and blithe and good and gay

Monday's child is a personal style icon. Be they fictional or real-life, flesh and blood, they have inspired me and my own personal style.

Tuesday's child is the hostess with the mostess! I'll be sharing my own favourites from inspiring interiors and new design that catches my fancy.

Wednesday's child is nostalgic. I'll be giving little sneak peeks into ephemera and whatnot that I find inspiring.

Thursday's child is just trying to get stuff done! If I'm working on something, I'll show you! Unless I'm being a lazy bum... in that case I might just show you what's been distracting me!

Friday's child loves what you're doing! I'm quite the lurker... if you've posted something awesome I'm gonna pass it on!

Saturday's child is basically a shopaholic. I'm going to show you how I wasted my money over the course of the week!

Sunday's child takes time to enjoy the little things in life, like candy and sparkles and little furry animals. I'm going to make you puke marshmallow hearts!

Here's where the "eight days a week" comes in. I'll be posting daily outfits whenever the fancy strikes! You may even get two posts in one day! Unheard of!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

can't see the forest for the trees

Hi guys.
Yeah. So, it's been nearly a month with absolutely no activity here on the old blogstead, and over several months with just a smattering of random posts here and there. I feel as if I owe someone an explanation for the absence. But then again, I don't, all at the same time. I'm not going to lie to you. I've been bummed. For reals. And for no good reason, either, other than it seems that for every step forward, I'm taking one step back. I'm stuck! So now I'm just finding it hard to get excited about anything, but I'm trying. I think it's working. Maybe I just need to take baby steps?

The bunny grahams are helping.

First things first. The blog! I've been thinking about it, and I know that I function better when I have some sort of routine or structure; and I've been allowed to roam free for far too long! I need to whip myself into shape again. I'm going to implement a loose structure for the blog based on this little fortune-telling ditty. I've worked it out in my head, and I think it will get me blogging a wee bit more (I'll explain further later). I'm not promising every day here people... I'm rusty! Hopefully I can get this old blog going again because it reminds me of what's good in my little world.

Speaking of good things:

I ordered mini business cards from moo and they are just amazing! I thought I was being totally narcissistic by using photos of myself, so I tried to even out the pack with some jewelry and landscape photos, but everyone that sees them wants the ones with the photos of me. I guess the next order will be all photos of me. ;P

I also ordered woven clothing labels from namemaker. These turned out just so great! Unfortunately, they ended up costing me a fortune due to some customs charges, but I doubt I'll need to order these again in the near future, so I'm okay with that.

Here they are all sewn in and ready to go! I'm working on getting together a nice big shop update that will include some new reconstructed sweaters and a ton of vintage. I have stock piled so many wool skirts you guys!

I also have a new employee. I found her hanging out in the alley behind my work-job a few weeks ago and I asked her if she wanted to come home with me. She agreed, but she is not quite fit for her public debut just yet. She's a little rough around the edges, but after a new muslin is constructed, she will be as good as new and ready to work!

Okay. Baby steps.
I've missed you guys!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

i would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable

So I've been battling this lingering head cold for two weeks now. I was sick for the entire cruise, but I think that just made me get used to dressing up while feeling blah. There's no time for bed-sick when you're supposed to be having a good time... so I faked it. I've been faking it since I got home. Well, I guess I'm technically not that sick anymore...

These are a couple of cozy, layered, autumny outfits from this week (when I was still faking it):

brown velvet blazer: I procured it from my auntie's closet way back in the early 90s
faux ivory horse brooch: dress sew
brown silk slouchy kimono jacket: thrifted
grey and gold tent dress: bedo
black full slip: thrifted
camel tights: sockdreams
granny oxfords: etsy

fur collar: thrifted (tied with grosgrain ribbon)
navy blue velvet blazer: thrifted
navy windowpane plaid shirt: thrifted
jeans: cheap monday (borrowed from shane)
granny oxfords: etsy

yo ho ho hum

Sunday, September 27, 2009

sail away

Shane and I are going away on a week-long cruise... to nowhere, this week! We'll be cruising around just off shore with Shane's mum and a gaggle of aunties.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I've left the shop open, but I won't be able to ship until I get back on October 5th.

* Amy Earles' articulated paper dolls (pictured above on my velvet ship painting) are available at Amy's Etsy shop, wool and water

feeling frisky

Etsy's blog The Storque teemed up with The Frisky to compile some sexy Halloween costumes from Etsy listings, and my tea for two cocktail hat made the cut for the pinnacle of sexy Halloween costumes: the french maid!

They also did a line up of selections for one of my personal favourites; the bad kitty! Meow! Maybe it's because I'm a leo, but I love the sexy kitty costume! Cliche, yes, but you really can't beat that look! The bad kitty that The Frisky created is pure classic 1950s pin-up! If I had an extra $60 just lying around, I would totally snap that body suit up! It's purrrrfect!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sudden death academic probation

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am eternally in love with Max Fischer. He's so badass and adorably misguided. How can you not love him? Or better yet, how could you not want to be him?

I've collected a few listings from Etsy* to create a more girl friendly version of Max Fischer... we'll call her Maxine Fischer.

This is the official Rushmore Academy school uniform.

This 1940s school uniform jacket is insanely perfect. She's got the dress listed in another listing if you want the whole experience!
Available from allencompanyinc

Simple wool herringbone skirt, with a little kick pleat in front and back. Perfect for running around and getting into trouble.
Available from penelopepupsvintage

Not one to shy away from a little sneaky rebellion, our Maxine ditches the uniform shirt in favor of this little red pin tucked number.
Available from HighHatVintage

It's a classic.
Available from regansbrain

Signature tortoise shell glasses are a must.
Available from BlueRoseRetro

Red suede sneakers in lieu of a beret.
Available from learntoread

Choir pins to replace the punctuality and perfect attendance awards.
Available from prettysaro

Because we're such good friends.
Available from thingsrevisited

Because sometimes you need a little help figuring things out.
Available from craftydill

This is my favourite Max Fischer outfit. The green velvet suit just kills me! The ochre shirt and matching bow tie make me swoon, and top it off with that jaunty little beret and you have the recipe for love at first sight!

This hat is amazing! The photos in the listing are not the best, but trust me... this is THE hat for any Maxine Fischer wannabe.
Available from curiousgoods53

Max wears some pretty basic tortoise shell glasses, but our Maxine likes a little more flash. These glasses have a nice little gold detail to mirror her accessories.
Available from VintageDove

The yellow ascot tie blouse. Perfection.
Available from TennysonVintage

Instead of a two piece suit, our Maxine prefers a velvet dress with amazing pocket details!
Available from PaintedSoulDesign

Our Maxine is a little bit more refined than Max. She prefers not to wear sneakers with her formal wear. These shoes are perfect!
Available from posiesforlulu

How about a little high school charm bracelet to show some school spirit!
Available from Aquanetta

*ps- I want you to know that posting these listings gives me a big old knot in my throat, because I want to buy them all!!! I'm not good at sharing.