Friday, November 28, 2008


I've added a couple of vintage pieces to the shop with a bit of a victorian vaudeville feel. Both the skirt and the shoes are in pristine vintage condition! I love finding mint pieces! I've also restocked some of the jewelry that's gone missing in the shop over the last little while.


I got dressed up and played ANTM today for wardrobe remix! I was really feeling it! Total glamour shots!!! I decided that I needed to revamp my etsy listing for the hat that I'm wearing! The old photos just weren't glam enough!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Todd M Duym does grace

My friend Todd has an exhibit of woven photographs opening at Grace Gallery on Friday night! I remember talking to him about this project months ago and I'm happy to finally get to see it! I'm such a fan of his work!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

valley of the heart's delight

My friend Karin is back from France and has a new photography exhibit opening at Monte Clark gallery tomorrow night! I'm going to pop in for a bit, after work and before heading off to see Deerhunter!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last night I came home from a hard day at work (one where I was secretly plotting the death... well, maiming actually, of one of my coworkers) to find an envelope containing this print from one miss Ashley Goldberg's etsy shop! It was a nice little surprise to cheer me up after that awful day spent at the work-job! Hooray for retail therapy... even if this particular gift to myself was bought days earlier for no other reason than that it is so entirely perfect! I love Ashley's work and own several prints. I hope that one day I can afford an original. I guess that means I'll have to cut back on the retail therapy... I'm not sure that I can do that yet.

I love this print so much that I thought that I would try to recreate it in wardrobe remix format! I mean, I've got the fox and tons of red ribbon just lying around, so why not?!


Anabela and Geoff have teamed up and re-opened the fieldguided etsy shop! It's not just vintage anymore... it's so much more! Anabela is creating some really lovely little things and Geoff has some of the most delicate drawings I have ever seen! The two doily drawings above by Geoff are now mine! Yay!

Monday, November 17, 2008

blog love

Wow! I'm totally vechlempt over here! Two, count 'em, two Kreativ Blogger awards in two days! I feel really special! The first one was received from Jen of the fabled needle, and the second was from Katie and Erin at daughters of dawn vintage! I love you guys! No, really, I do!!!

The rules are that I am to list six things that make me happy and then pass the honor onto six bloggers that I love, and link to the tagger!

This is going to be hard because as much as I complain about things, I actually really love way more stuff!!!! And bloggers!!! You guys are great! There's so much inspiration around that I know I'm going to have a hard time narrowing it down. I don't know who does tags either so... we'll see! (except Susan... I know that she won't do my tag! Which is unfortunate, because I LOVE her!), so I'll pick some other blogs that are super rad for everyone to visit, but go and visit Susan too, because she's awesome.

Things that I LOVE:

- sunny autumn morning walks when the air is crisp and clear
- running into friends unexpectedly
- finding exactly what you've been looking for in the thrift store
- that spark of inspiration that hits you out of the blue
- taking long baths by candle light
- the fact that Wes Anderson exists

Bloggers that I LOVE:

-we gathered in spring: Alice you are my fake sister!
-fieldguided: Anabela you are totes my bff!
-growin' up: Jessica, I just love you! You are the cutest thing ever!
-fashion forestry: Nicole! OMG! You are an amazingly endless fountain of creativity!
-orange you lucky: Helen! You never stop! You are probably the most creative person ever!
-what possessed me: P, you rock my world with your hilarity! I love you.

Okay, so that's that. Hopefully some of these guys will do the tag and we can revel in the happiness!!! Oh god. I'm such a hippie sometimes. Forgive me. I said I was vechlempt. Geez.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

it's rudimentary

It looks lovely doesn't it? When the lovely and talented Alice Stevenson visited me in the spring, she asked if there was anything that I wanted from London. What didn't I want?!!! I equated this question to when one of the Japanese girls that I work with goes home for a visit and they ask everyone if there's anything they can bring back... let's just say I want EVERYTHING! I get overwhelmed by the prospect of having something brought back that I just can't think of anything specific! So I say candy, or tea. But in reality, there are quite possibly a million things that I could quite happily acquire!

This time I thought of something in advance! I knew exactly what I wanted! Emma Jeffs Otto window film! I had seen this blogged, probably at design*sponge and immediately fell head over heels for it!

This lace pattern matches the tiles in my tub surround perfectly! It is pretty much my dream window treatment! Alice went through so much trouble to get this for me (there's a whole sordid tale of unavailability and lost goods behind this gift) that I am sad to announce that I totally mangled this DIY job!!! I was saving it for a moment when I thought I was brave enough. I was going to FINALLY put it up earlier in the week, but I chickened out! I decided that even though it said on the pack that "even the most rudimentary of DIYers will be able to use this adhesive film", I wasn't ready and that I should wait for Shane to help. It also said that if you are "covering an area more than 80 cms wide or long, it's easier to have 2 people handling the film". Guess what? They weren't lying!!! It totally would have helped to have someone holding the other side of this gigantic STICKER!!! Unfortunately for me, I had been dreaming of this all week and when Shane had to be in the studio today, I decided that I could DIY this window myself!

I got it caught on the wall, which resulted in me draping the rest of it over my head so as to free up my other hand to try to peel it off the wall. Once I got the sicker unstuck, it somehow folded onto itself creating an even bigger problem than having it stuck to the wall. I decided that the best way to deal with this was to stick the good side onto the window and then try to pry apart the other end. Well folks, it ripped in not one, not even two, but five bloody places! It's also bubbled and mangled in several spots due to the folding incident. It looks amazing, but I'm so disappointed in my DIY skillz. I thought I was better than that. sigh. One day when I'm rich (hahahahaha) I will replace my botched job, but until then, I'll just have to live on and learn from my mistakes.

le chat noir

It took me two nights staying up until 2:30 am to block out this gig poster for love and mathematics, sleepless nights and shane turner overdrive (shane doesn't have a myspace yet, so I can't link you anywhere... just trust me when I say he is awesome!)! Unfortunately SOMEBODY gave me the wrong date... so, you know, my lovely poster is going to have to be defiled with horrible black marker numbers to cover up the mistake! On all 500 posters!

Here's the work in progress. In order to do a two colour poster the analogue way, the poster needs to be done essentially three times! Well kind of... Me and my analogue ways! I was high on sharpie fumes by the time I went to bed because I had to do two layers of sharpie-ing to get the fields black enough to print properly, and my eyes have been feeling prickly for days!

So anyway, I was having a hard time thinking of what to draw for the poster. I usually pick one of the bands or something relating to some sort of random theme that is somehow linked to either the time of year, the date, or the bands. Because sleepless nights was on the bill, all I could think of was Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks! I resorted to hacking possibly one of the world's most famous gig posters! I made it my own, but it is essentially a total rip off!!! I'm so unoriginal!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

ask alice

I'm trying to fully realize my dream etsy shop! When I first heard of etsy a year and a bit ago, I knew that I wanted a shop that would entertain my every whim and obsession. I somehow got stuck on just making jewelry.

I want things to change.

I originally saw myself exploring themed sections that would include, not only jewelry, but handmade clothing and art and vintage finds. Maybe even a little bit of home decor as well. I am a master pillow-maker (according to my mum). That's where the "jack of all trades" bit comes in, I haven't really made good on my claim so far. I did post a few drawings way back when, but I haven't since. I really haven't been doing much in the old art department anyhow, but I may, and when I do I will surely be inspired to add some to the shop.

I'm working on a gig poster for love and mathematics at the moment, and once they're printed I'll post it here for you to see!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I cheated with wardrobe remix again, and posted a photo from the shoot I did for the shop! I hope that's okay. I ended up changing into grubs to do laundry immediately following the photos too. That's really cheating! Oh well. I hope you can forgive me remixers.

I am so pleased with how this capelet turned out! I love this wool tweed! The edges are finished inside and out with this sweet chocolate brown baby rick rack, and I used one of my vintage ornate metal clasps to dress it up even more! I got two sets of these clasps from a friend that had inherited a huge box of buttons and beads, some dating all the way back to the 20s! I don't really know how old these ones are, but they are so pretty and special! They're kind of a classic Baroque pattern, which makes them impossible to date (for me anyway), but I would guess that they are pre-1960s.

I finished this capelet for the shop two weeks ago, but that was around the lost-time era of April... so it just didn't get posted. I wanted to post the hat and the cape in the shop at the same time and I just couldn't get it together! The days are so dark now that I'm having a hard time getting things done. I should be photographing in the mornings, because by 3:30 the sun is pretty much gone! Ridiculous! And sometimes I'm just not that functional in the morning! Anyway, I finished the hat and they're ready to go!

This hat is sort of a remixed version of the mademoiselle de la lune hat that I sold at the beginning of the year. I cut back on the number of black cock tail feathers and added a few tan coloured cock tail feathers to warm it up a bit, and I really love the result!

Friday, November 7, 2008

boogie woogie bugle boy of company b

After a week of sleepily working and working and more working, all while looking, shall we say, less than glamorous... it felt good to treat myself to a quick jaunt to the thrift store and post office to pick up some inspiration for wardrobe remix! I had ordered this lovely 1960s pill box hat from TheLovelys on etsy and it finally arrived today... or yesterday I guess (since I had to pick it up at the post office). I knew I was going to want to put it on as soon as I got home! On the way to the post office I stopped in not one, but two thrift stores to do a wee bit of browsing. I picked up some fabric scraps at one and at the other I found this lovely pleated wool skirt! I believe that a lady can never have too many pleated wool skirts in her closet... or at least that's what I tell people to dilute the shame of an overstuffed closet! I'm basically just coming up with catchy philosophies to justify my horrendous spending habits! You understand. I know you do.

lost days

I disappeared for an entire week! I've been blaming my tiredness on the daylight savings time. I've just been exhausted! Working at the work-job, going home to work on sewing and jewels and stuff every night, all with that awful darkness that winter on the north west coast brings. It's dark by 4pm for goodness sake! I've decided that this might just be the year that I splurge and get myself that SAD lamp. And then there's the days lost to fun nights out with friends and the subsequent day spent sleeping off a nasty hangover. Which is where we're at today.

OR maybe I've been tired because of this:

Helen at Orange you lucky just sent me a note telling me that she had accidentally painted my portrait! Isn't it awesome? This totally made my day today!

So perhaps I'm tired because I've been using some of my special powers to break into her subconscious and force her to paint this glorious portrait! I've got to do this more often! Imagine the fun of seeing portraits of yourself pop up all over the world!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

oh hansel, whatever shall we do?

The number one thing on my agenda today was getting me some discount Halloween candy! Unfortunately, Shane gave me a pretty disturbing lecture about the evils of sugar this morning, and now I'm actually kind of put off. It was pretty gross. So I decided that if I can't eat sugar (I kinda got my fill yesterday at work anyway) I can at least look like sugar. A sugar cookie to be exact.

The inspiration for today's outfit is kind of disparate, but it works oddly enough. I took my colour palate and silhouette from Olive Oyl and the whole folksy cookie thing came from the house that lured Hansel and Gretle.

I just bought this sweater and I am wearing it constantly! It is however, forcing me to break some of my unspoken rules about autumn wear. I don't like to wear this particular shade of khaki this time of year. It usually just looks and feels wrong. It's more of a spring or summer colour, but it just works with this sweater because of it's sugar cookie and piped icing connotations! And the shoes... technically are what is known as "winter white" so they are okay for after labor day (I'm totes old school!) but again, I just don't ever think about wearing pastels in the fall. Somehow this sweater has influenced me to break all my rules... maybe I should go get that candy anyway!