Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've been called many things in my day

But domestic is certainly not one of them!

One of my favourite work peeps is moving to Japan in a month and we are getting together in mere moments to wish her luck and eat pizza and these... um, delicious cupcakes (?) that I made today. These things were made with all the love I have to give and were a true pain in the butt from the get go! I started the batter and then realised that I didn't have any eggs. No bother! I have vegan egg replacer! So I mix the batter up and boy is it fluffy! (ie: full of AIR BUBBLES!) Then I start to line the muffin pan with cups... oh. my. god. there's only 5 left! You think I'd be more prepared! So I rushed off to the store to get some all the while thinking that if I had known earlier I could have also bought eggs. This is the result of my labor...

they'll look better when they're iced I tell myself...

Ummmm, I guess not. They taste better than they look I swear!

I'm typing this while I wait for the epoxy to dry on the pin that I made as a going away gift. She loves elephants and one day we both got all misty-eyed reminiscing about that scene in Dumbo where his mum is in a cage and she cradles him in her trunk. Oy vay! I'm getting all vechlempt just thinking about it! So I thought it would be kind of special to make her something to remember us all by, because an elephant never forgets.

We have this ongoing joke at our work that we are all going to be there forever because we are in HELL! It has, unfortunately rung true for a lot of us (I'm not naming names, but you know who you... ahem, WE are). Tonight we are taking up a monetary collection to pay for knuckle tattoos that read "MOTIV4LIFE" for the girl who is leaving. It's the best gift a girl could ask for... I wonder when I'll get mine!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

the jazz age

Add a little jazz age sparkle to your Vaudeville act this weekend! I've added a trio of pretty sequined faux-bow-tie necklaces to my white apple etsy shop, as well as a few other more subtly dramatic earrings and necklaces in that same black and gold colour scheme I can't get enough of right now!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention! I am now offering free worldwide shipping on all items in the shop!

Monday, September 22, 2008

when I'm sixty four

I just found this great blog called advanced style today. It's like facehunter or the sartorialist for the over sixty crowd! There's a couple of ladies that I see on a regular basis that should definitely be applauded for their "senior style" and would feel right at home on the pages of a fashion mag... er, um, blog. I've always admired the really fashionable elderly ladies with their perfect coifs and powdery fresh skin matched with pearls and rhinestones and furs! Oh my! Even my own grandmother with her fearless pairings of hand knit panda sweaters and a sparkling tam complete with rhinestone brooch and clashing tights is an inspiration! Oh grandma, I love you and your wacky style!

Friday, September 19, 2008

a little bird told me

Lately I've been feeling just awful, hence the lack of fashion photos. It's been one thing after another and frankly, I'm sick of it! No pun intended. Today I thought I'd give it a go and see what kind of results I could get. You can definitely see the dark circles under my eyes, but all in all, I think it's wardrobe remix worthy.

I ordered this yellow linen 1950s day dress from ebay months and months ago, but hadn't worn it until yesterday. It was a steal because it was kind of dirty and damaged, but I really liked the colour and the collar detail, so I bid and won (I was the only bidder). When it came I realised that it was a bit too big and starchy and dirty so I was pretty disappointed. Yesterday I tossed it in the washer and dryer in an attempt to shrink it. It shrank just enough and became buttery soft! Unfortunately all the seams were unfinished and now, after one wear, they're pulling apart. I'm going to have to reinforce all the seams before I can wear it again. And I will. This dress has the potential to be one of my faves... even though it wrinkles like a mo-fo!

golden fields forever

I made a pair for me and two pairs for you!
I just love you that much!
You can find them in my white apple etsy shop right now!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

false memories

Every love has a story.

I've added all of these pretty earrings to the whiteapple etsy shop and each has it's own unique little love story.

I finally got my hands on some more of these Japanese slump glass cameo charms! I have a limited quantity of usable ones; they're almost 90 years old! Isn't it amazing how something so tiny and fragile can last that long?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

shivers in the night wind

I shot this video of Kellarissa performing Night Wind at last night's Flamingo cd release party. It was such a bewitching performance! The moody lighting paired with her haunting songs was just so perfect! It made for bad photography, but it's the songs that really matter! Larissa is a one woman act for the most part, employing synths and loops and layers of her own voice. It's really something spectacular! Last night, she was backed by three lovely ladies on a couple of songs, creating an even more haunting sound.

Goosebumps I tell you! Goosebumps!

easy like sunday morning

I did NOT want to get up for work this morning! We were celebrating the release of Kellarissa's new cd Flamingo last night and we ended up going for nachos at 1am. The plate was nearly the same size as the table and we lost half of our crew before the food was served, leaving 4 people to eat 2 plates of food big enough to feed a small village! There was approximately 10 pounds of cheese on these nachos and therefore I awoke this morning with a knot in my stomach and a serious cheddar hangover!

I readied myself for work and quickly snapped my wardrobe remix photo before running out to catch the bus. I arrived at work only to realise that I was not, in fact, scheduled to work today. Hooray! I nipped into the bead shop for a few basics and walked my 40 minute walk home in the morning sunshine. Delightful! I love going for walks in the morning but very rarely do it if I'm not working, and then I take a bus part way so it's just not the same.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

tell me about your mother

Sometimes an idea so brilliant, so clever, so adorable comes along and you say to yourself "Damn! I wish I thought of this!"

Such a thing happened yesterday when I stumbled upon softspoken's Freudian slips! Nothing is better than a good old fashioned visual pun, and softspoken has hit the jackpot with this one!

The one pictured above was my favourite, and unfortunately it sold before I had a chance to visit her etsy shop. Good news! There's one more up for grabs right now!

I hope she makes more... hint, hint!

Friday, September 12, 2008

pop romance

I just got this great package in the mail from retro renegade vintage on etsy containing all sorts of goodies including yesterday's plaid pants and today's delicious coral pink snakeskin shoes! The label is the roaring twenties! How amazing is that? I balanced out the outfit with my granny coral lipstick and my old pink wig and posted it over at wardrobe remix.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception.

Yeah, so I bought some high waisted plaid pants...
I gave them the wardrobe remix treatment with a tribute to Harpo Marx!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

cat in the hat

er, um... I mean... the cat is the hat?

I'm not exactly sure what is on this lady's head... it looks to be a pomeranian or some other small pet, but I'm kinda really digging it. I could never do that to my pet though.

from facehunter

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

true love

Ummmmmmm... will you be my boyfriend Olaf Breuning?

From my new favourite the selby!

elizabeth my dear

It's my good friend Cadence's 4th birthday tomorrow! I was commissioned by her mum and dad to make a princess gown for the occasion. I decided that I shouldn't waste this opportunity to research and decided upon an Elizabethan gown. Of course I took some liberties. I only had two and a half days to make it, and it's a dress for a 4 year old! It doesn't have to be historically accurate, silly!

I started the dress last weekend and put it aside for the rest of the week. It was a busy week filled with too many days at the crummy work-job and lots of dancing and drinking and art and general rowdiness... there was just no time for sewing sequins! I left myself just one day to finish the dress: today.

I awoke early to answer emails and check in on the blogs, got dressed, started taking photos of some new earrings for the shop and then my eyes started to go all funny and I was seeing spots! Not today! Anyone who suffers from migraines knows that they sneak up on you full force! I was down for the count for most of the afternoon. I got the dress done just an hour ago! Cadence will have her dress!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I always thought of doing wallpaper on portable panels for this apartment life that I am doomed to live forever... but I never thought of doing it quite like this before. I absolutely adore that giant ornate frame around the photo mural! I have wallpaper for two rooms that I was going to just tack and hang, but I think that this idea is infinitely better! I will definitely be making one or more of these up soon! And by soon I mean sometime in my lifetime... I am a notorious procrastinator!

photo from design*sponge

Monday, September 1, 2008

memento mori

In the spirit of autumn's arrival I've created some new jewelry inspired by Victorian mourning jewelry and Memento Mori. You can find them in my white apple etsy shop right now.