Sunday, July 27, 2008

we're spanning time

I just watched Buffalo 66 for the first AND second time this weekend. This movie is bloody brilliant! It's written by, directed by and stars Vincent Gallo. A triple threat! I had heard about this movie way back in 1998 when it came out, but didn't feel the need to see it for some reason. I am so glad that I finally saw it! It's so subtly funny and stylish. I didn't even feel ripped off by the happy ending that seemed sort of abrupt and tacked on, because the end scene is just such perfect soft-focus Harlequin. Bravo Mr. Gallo.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

holy shit!

I want to live here so bad!!! The home of something's hiding in here was featured on design*sponge today.
Oh. My . God! It is perfect in every way!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Think That This Might Say A Lot About My Character...

and not in a very good way... but I never thought that Heath Ledger was hot until now.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Does Anyone Have Any Recipes For Homemade Prozac?

My recipe is making me fat.

Homer: [stirring a bowl] Aw, Marge, this is so depressing, my only hope
is this homemade Prozac. [tastes it] Mmm, needs more ice cream.

I was trying to find a nice video clip of that scene from this Simpson's episode, but there doesn't seem to be one available on the interwebs, so we'll have to make due with this quote instead.

Awwwww sad Homer, how did you become my role model?

I keep wearing all of these "pregnancy chic" loose flowing tops and I can't feel my belly expanding! I wore this for a trip to Richmond for Ikea feasts and Chinese pastries and Japanese candy... that was all before the pasta fiasco! Good lord! That food baby was huuuuuge!

Keep It Short

So, I know that Wardrobe Remix is supposed to be about everyday outfits and how we wear our clothes in different arrangements, but for the most part I just don't think that my dirty old work grubs make for very interesting photos. My job is dirty and my fashion choices reflect that. You would be surprised at just how filthy a high-end housewares store can get. I unpack boxes and clean all day. I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one who cleans... but I digress. Yesterday's outfit was a bit more interesting as I worked the entire outfit around my favourite colour scheme (red and mint) and my brand new sailor bling! I was very excited to find this magnificent piece of kitsch! I am not, however, excited about that stack of unsightly dvds which have apparently made their home on my armchair.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Puce Moment

Kenneth Anger

Mine! All Mine!

Just look at those stockings!

Have I died and gone to heaven? Or is it that other place? You know, the bad one with fire and brimstone. The one where you can't afford any of the beautiful things from the Mine 2008 autumn/winter collection and it makes your heart hurt so bad because everything is so completely perfect in every way.

Oh yeah. That's right... it IS that other place.