Thursday, November 22, 2007

Break It Down

Kris's Color Stripes is the visual representation of a colour addict's brain. She takes a photograph and then creates a colour palate based on what she sees. I think that all artists do this mentally, but her blog is the physical representation of what happens in our minds! I can't get enough of these colour combos!
via Bloesem

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Most Perfect Bench Ever!

Isn't this the most amazing thing you have ever seen?! I love the ribbons of colour that are created by sanding down the layers of wood and tinted glue. It was made by designer Rosie Hanna.

I always cut into the dried paint on my stir sticks in the studio to see the history of my painting habits. One day I will do something on a grander scale with these cross sections, but they will never be as perfect as that bench!

Via Lisa Congdon at the Design*Sponge guest blog

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Mad Hatter

Why is it that I always look like a psychopath when I take my own photo?
Oh yeah, it's because I AM a psychopath!

I made a hat. You can find it in my shop.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Poached Pears

I've added just a few pairs of earrings to the shop! They look good enough to eat!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Foto Decadent

I will never have to buy another fashion magazine again!
found via the coveted

Megan Bogonovitch

I was familiar with Megan's Etsy shop, melabo but I hadn't gone over to her website until just recently. I wish I had gone sooner! Her ceramics are the type of thing that I wanted to make when I was in university (way back when) but my pot-smoking professor had an aversion to coloured glazes and forbad anyone from using them, or any pop culture references in their work, for that matter. She found it trite. I therefore, made organic goth sculptures out of red clay rubbed with iron oxide and I skipped class almost every day. I still passed with honours, but I regret to this day that I didn't follow my heart and use that colour glaze and that old DAS mould set.

These are some examples from Megan's website. I had a really hard time narrowing my selections down to a few! I love all of her work so much! Her sculptures are kind of like a three dimensional illustration, and the colours are so soft and watercoloury. Almost confectionary in their appearance!

In to Out of
Bag of Tricks
Suburban Front Lawn Proposal
Colonial Subdivision

Her work immediately reminds me of Jeff Koons' work; most probably because of the ceramic aspect and the pop culture references. Jeff's work was 80s pop culture; sex, booze, Nike, and cynicism. Megan's work is pop culture of the oughts where its a softer, more feminine folklore with a touch of cynicism added for good measure.

Michael Jackson and Bubbles 1988 Jeff Koons

Bourgeois Bust-Jeff and Ilona 1995 Jeff Koons

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Entoptic Phenomena

Wiliam Hundley is a photographer based out of Austin, Texas. His flickr photostream is so addicting! He has endless photos of fabric blobs seemingly floating in mid air! Its magic! Well, actually its not. He gets people to jump while concealing their bodies with various fabrics. The end result still reads as magic to me!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Buy My Stuff

I need cash. Real bad. I just booked my flight home for the hollidays and yikes... my family had better be nice to me! I could have gone somewhere far more exotic than North-western Ontario for the cost of my ticket. I love my family, and haven't been "home" to visit for over 5 years now, so I know it will be a great time. Eating, thrift store shopping, eating, being cold, eating, hmmm... probably watching TV with Mum and Dad... eating. I will be bored for 3 weeks, and when I return I will be poor. AND I have fallen in love with two pairs of boots. What's a girl to do? Ask Santa?

These are from Free People and cost about half of what my ticket home cost. *whoops! UPDATE* These boots are soooo fugly in person. They look like Wallmart. I did't notice in the photo, but they have a HUGE moulded rubber sole with eeeew fake stitching! Come on man! If your boots cost over 400bucks I think you can figure out a way to make actual thread stitching.

And these are slightly more affordable (although I can't) from Brown's B2 line. They look like grubs! Gross, yet (m)odly apealing.

I love them both! Help a sister out!

She's Like A Rainbow

I am not sponsored by Bravia. No.
I think that these adverts are less about the product and more about the art, the concept, the colour, and making people feel really, really happy.


Another THANK YOU! to Ulixis who included my dream sequence earrings in her goldenrod Etsy treasury! It's my first inclusion in one of these treasuries and I was so excited to hear the news (although I missed the thrill of seing it on the front page first hand). Two in one day! Thanks so much girls!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Innernet Friends (Or How I Love HTML)

A big THANK YOU! to Ambika of (into) The Fray for featuring my drawings over at her blog today! I'm so grateful for the exposure Ambika! It's hard to get noticed in the sea of Etsy sellers.